TV, Film & Theatre Backdrops

We are able to print onto a huge range of lightweight and flexible substrates to almost any size.
These make ideal solutions for backdrops to TV, film, theatre and photographic shoots.
Images can be mounted onto frames, hung like fabric banners or even back lit.

We can fabricate any shape or design you may require for your backdrop. Build free standing sculptures
for your next theatre event or a graphic on a mobile frame for your next TV or photo shoot.

With a combination of metal, timber and fibreglass craftsmen on hand and a range of vinyl, spray paint,
digital print and hand written applications available, a total solution to your tv, film or theatre backdrop
can be achieved.

Decorate your next event with hanging banners, free standing prints or sculptures or illuminated signs.

Call us at Digital Spectrum to discuss creating a backdrop to make your next event unforgettable.