Reception Signage

First impressions count and your office reception area makes a lasting impression on your clients.
A well designed and implemented reception area is a great opportunity to express your professionalism
and instill confidence in your clients.

If you already have an idea on what your reception sign should look like, talk with us and we can create your
reception signage following your ideas.

If you are not decided on what would be best or what is available to you for your reception signage and need something designed,
talk to us and let us help guide you, to create the perfect reception sign.

At Digital Spectrum we have the craftsmen to help you design,
produce and install your reception signage to meet your needs and expectations.
Reception signs can be made from a wide variety of materials including acrylic, stainless steel and aluminium.
They can be a solid panel or individual 3 dimensional letters.
The Solid panels can be made from a specific material, painted to a colour of choice, have vinyl applied or a digital print.
The panels themselves can also be flush mounted directly to the wall, mounted with stand offs, pin mounted off the wall
or suspended from the ceiling. We can also offer illuminated panels.

Individual 3 dimensional letters can also be painted a colour of choice or have vinyl applied.
The letters themselves can also be flush mounted directly to the wall, pin mounted off the wall, or adhered to panel.

Many other combinations and design elements are available for your reception signs, just call to discuss them.

Other great options for a reception area are a lightbox or wallpaper for brilliant visual impact.
See our wallpaper and illuminated sign pages for more examples.