What exactly is Garden Art?                                                                  
Many people have fantastic artwork in their homes, maybe on a lounge room wall or in an entrance hallway, the right piece of artwork can add the finishing touch to any room.
Our aim with Garden Art is to bring this concept to the outdoors, so  you can enjoy amazing artwork in your garden.  The artwork may be something custom designed by yourself or your client, or you can choose from a wide variety of stock images we have available.  Also Paul Murphy is our first feature artist for the Garden Art range.
The uses are endless and only limited by your imagination.

A few examples are:
>   Like any artwork it can simply be framed or mounted then hung on a wall in the garden.
>   Large screens can be made out of mesh to hide unsightly areas of a garden.
>   Murals printed on banner can be used to cover a whole fence or back wall of a courtyard.
>   Prints incorporated into water features - having water flow over the print or a print in the bottom of  a pond.

How long will Garden Art last outdoors?
We use printing technology and materials that are designed to produce long term outdoor signage, that are both waterproof and resistant to fading.  The ink comes with a manufacturers guarantee for at least 3 years without any protective coating, however in most situations it will last much longer.  Protective coating can be applied to double or even triple the life of the inks.  The lifespan will vary with constant exposure - a print in a shaded and protected area will last longer.  The material you choose also impacts on the life of the print, we can use high quality banner materials and self adhesive vinyls that come with a manufacturer's guarantee of over 7 years uncoated. 
Prints can be placed within frames for total protection from all of the elements giving them an indefinite lifespan.

What materials is Garden Art available in?
One of the amazing things about the Garden Art range is we can print on to a wide range of different materials, everything from self adhesive products to mesh and banner material.
Other specialty products include frosted vinyls, canvas and even metallic vinyls.

Where can I buy Garden Art?
Garden art is distributed through a range of nurseries or can be purchased direct from us by calling VIC (03) 9397 6313 or QLD (07) 3804 6009.