Real Estate & Building Signage

One of the best ways to get your business noticed is through exterior signage on your place of business.
Full colour signage on your building lets people know where you are and what you do, attracting more clients from passing traffic.
Building signage is year round 24/7 advertising that will cost no more after your initial installation.
Who can't afford that kind of exposure!

There are many types of way to brand your place of business including-
• Fascia signs
• Awning/curtain sign
• Banners
• Under awning lightboxes
• Wall mounted lightboxes
• Illuminated pylons
• Entry/Exit pylons
• Roof top frames/signs
• Window graphics
• One way vision for windows
• Individual wall mounted letters and logo

Building signage can be made from many different materials depending on sign sizes and requirements.
If you have a sign design idea that needs to be custom built, we at Digital Spectrum we can offer our in-house sign fabrication services,
ensuring your signage follows your expectation from design to installation.

Let Digital Spectrum help with your building signage solution.
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Real Estate Signage

Real Estate Signage

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